OMAN VIVA for General Practitioner or Family Physician Doctors
31 Aug

OMAN VIVA for General Practitioner or Family Physician Doctors


Quick informations on OMAN viva

  • OMAN Viva only conducted in Muscat (Capital city of Oman).
  • OMAN viva can only be given after clearing OMSB online exam (OMSB online exam is conducted in most of the country; you can check your country name from OMSB official website.
  • Maximum 3 attempts given for OMAN viva.
  • Viva is arranged mostly by employer/Recruiter not by candidate.
  • There is no fix syllabus or book for viva so it’s difficult to get idea what are the viva questions and how to answer them so to ease it we are providing coaching for OMAN Dr Munjal for further informations.
  • We helps you to prepare well for OMAN viva via coaching before you go for real viva which may give you idea in depth how to prepare, what to prepare,common and frequently asked questions for viva and how to answer the viva questions.

Important websites and Informations

(Detailed guidance on OMSB-Oman exam)

(Oman viva topics in exam)

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By Dr Munjal Pandya | 31 Aug 2019