OMSB EXAMS (Frequently Asked Questions)
31 Aug

OMSB EXAMS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the purpose of OMSB exams?
The Ministry of Health and other public or private institutions use OMSB exams for licensing purposes. In other words, to be able to work for the MoH and other Health Service Institutions, a candidate must sit for OMSB exams.

2. What are the exams/specialties included in OMSB exams?
Please email us at

3. What if my exam/specialty is not included in OMSB exams?
In case your specialty is not offered, please contact the relevant department of MoH to undertake a regular written examination.
Tel#: +968 24691095/ 24946374/+968 24602177 Ex. 1682

4. How can I register for the exam?
Contact us to understand the complete process of registration on

5. What is the cost of the exam?
?    175 USD for Technicians and Technologists
?    195 USD for Physicians

6. How to get eligibility ID to schedule OMSB exams?
All candidates are eligible to schedule OMSB exams without using eligibility ID, so there eligibility ID not required.

7. How long is the exam?
3 hours (150 MCQs), a few other exams have 2.5 hours (100 MCQs)

8. What are the exam contents?
Please email us at

9. Does the test center provide reference materials?
No, we don’t provide such. We provide the test structure and reference titles. Please contact

10. If I have any more questions, who will I contact?
Contact information is as follows:

Prometric Test Center



Email Address





Harith Al Rumhi


TC Manager

Pinky Bautista


TC Admin

Wilma Yu


TC Admin

Mary Grace


TC Admin

Candidates can also email us at
As we are not doing registration in the center, the candidate can call the Regional Registration Center at +31 320 239 530 for registration difficulties.
For any inquiries regarding OMSB rules and regulations related to OMSB Exams, kindly contact OMSB on the numbers provided above.

11. I have difficulty making an appointment. Is there any way to register other than going through the website?
Although going through the website is the easiest way, you can also contact the Regional Registration Center for your registration.

12. How far in advance do I need to register for the exam?
The nearest available date will be shown to you once you have started the registration. For OMSB exam, if you start the registration this week, you can see the available dates for next week. The available dates are highlighted in website.

13. How many times am I allowed to take the test?
You can take the exam up to three times in one calendar year.

14. Rescheduling:
Call the Regional Registration Center and/or visit at least five (5) full calendar days before your appointment. The candidate will be charged around 40 $ for rescheduling.

15. Cancellation:
Contact the Regional Registration Center and/or visit at least 5 full calendar days.

16. If I cannot get the date I want, what can I do?
Contact the Regional Registration Center.

17. Do I need an eligibility ID in order to schedule an exam?
No. It is not required. You must tick “No” during the Eligibility Information section for you to proceed with the registration without having the eligibility ID. If it still persists, try changing your browser.

18. What is the identification that I must bring on my test date?
Examinees must bring a valid passport and must be issued by government, has signature, a personal image and be valid. In case that the passport has no signature, bring a secondary form of ID that presents the signature. The examinee should bring a copy of his/her confirmation letter as well.

Note: When you go to the testing center, you should take with you the same form of identification that you used to register with, your Passport. At check in, this will be verified and if the ID does not match, you may be refused testing. OMSB will not accept candidates who have not completed this information and failure to do so may result in your result being withheld.

19. Where can I put my belongings whilst having my exam?
We have available lockers inside the test center.

20. I am on medication. Is it possible that I can bring my medication inside the test room?
No. But you go outside if you desire to take your medication or you want to take a break. Food drinks, and/or medications are not allowed inside the test room.

21. Do I have a scheduled break?

22. If I don’t have a break and I go out, what will happen with my exam time?
The time that you go out for a break will be counted from your exam time, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot take a break.

23. I am not good at computers. Will there be a tutorial before the exam?
There is a tutorial before you can start the exam. In case of technical issues,
you can ask for the assistance of the test center administrator.

24. Do I get a certificate from the center after my test?
The center will provide you a score report.

25. Can I have more than one copy of the score report?
Score report will be given only once right after the exam and lose or misuse is the sole responsibility of the candidate. There will be no possibility of re?issuing another score report. However, the candidate may request for a certification letter not more than a one (1) month from the day of the exam and a fee will be applied.

26. How long are scores valid?
Please contact MoH to check the score report validity at: Tel#: +968 24691095/ 24946374/+968 24602177 Ex. 1682 E?mail:

27. If I am not happy with my result, can I retake?
Yes, you can take the exam up to three times per one calendar year.

28. Do I have to present or upload my credentials prior to register for OMSB exam?
Registering for OMSB exams is open for all candidates and does not require uploading any document.

29. Is there any fee for eligibility of OMSB exam?
No, there is no additional fee requested to be eligible for the exam. The fee that you should pay is only OMSB exam fee.

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OMSB EXAMS (Frequently Asked Questions)

OMSB EXAMS (Frequently Asked Questions)

By Dr Munjal Pandya | 31 Aug 2019