• Dr. Elicin Deepak Pallekonda 30 Mar 2024

MCQ packages are good to access our knowledge on specific topic

  • Dr. Elicin Deepak Pallekonda 30 Mar 2024

Online coaching by Dr Munjal Pandya sir regarding Hematology and Oncology is extraordinary

  • Chahat Sharma 28 Mar 2024

I passed my DHA exam
i own this group a lot and Dr. Munjal sir and his team specially for his valuable lectures on zoom and free youtube videos.
If anyone has any query they can dm me i will surely try to help

  • Elicin Deepak Pallekonda 28 Mar 2024

Cleared my DHA exam, got the result today. Thanks to Dr. Munjal Pandya sir for your MCQs and free live classes. Grateful to all the members of the group who actively participated in discussions, sharing your questions and insights. My heartfelt wishes to everyone preparing for the exam; may you all achieve success soon!

  • Navneetha Sasi 23 Mar 2024

Hey all I cleared my DHA exam. I owe a big thank you to Dr Munjal sir and his whole team for their support and guidance. I had taken two months Mcq subscription and had listened to all his free video classes. There were many repeat questions from the mcqs. And it was a real game changer for me. Thank you very much dear Sir, Pallavi and the team.

  • Dr. Liby Victor 18 Mar 2024

I am Dr. Liby Mary. I have cleared my KMLE prometric exam. I had gone through the MCQs and went back and read in book. I would like to thank God for this achievement. A great thanks to Dr.Moonjal and team for all the support and guidance

  • Dr. Fakrul Ahsan 13 Feb 2024

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the invaluable assistance of Munjal sir's online subscription in preparing for the DHA GP exam. Thanks to Munjal sir's comprehensive resources, tips, and tricks with motivation, I passed the test with confidence. Dr. Fakrul Ahsan Dubai, UAE

  • Dr. Sarvodayai Sinha 04 Feb 2024

Questions were highly relevant. They are must to be done without which forget about passing exam. Thank you so much Dr Munjal Pandya for blessing us.

  • Dr. Sarvodayai Sinha 04 Feb 2024

It was my life saver ! That’s all I can say

  • Dr. Krithisha K 29 Jan 2024

I’m Dr.Krithisha , I cleared my DHA .. thank you for dr.munjal sir specially bcz he was very polite in answering our questions individually and in group even with his busy schedules.. thank you to the team members too .. very helpful… initially I was confused about this prometric exam then I came to know about Munjal sir website and I bought mcq package and book. Without this I couldn’t have cleared this exam .. Thank you so much once again ..