• Dr sumaiya Nasim 07 May 2024

Hello everyone !! Wanted to share with u all my success i passed my DHA exam thanks to dr munjal, dr ahsan and team for the excellent guidance im so grateful to them for the detailed guidance thank u soo much ... ALHAMDULILLAH ... best of luck to those who are preparing just be confident u all are on the right path n will succeed IN SHA ALLAH

  • Thaslim Arif 07 May 2024

Hello guys, alhamdulillah passed omsb gp exam , thanks to everyone especially who helped me

  • Javith Ahamed 07 May 2024

Hello ,I cleared my qchp exam .thanks to munjal sir for every weak mock test so i get idea lot

  • Midhila Gopinath 07 May 2024

Hello All ,
I cleared my DHA examination. A big thanks to munjal sir , his whole team and you all as well. Every question we discussed on this platform was useful somewhere or the else ...

  • Mishika Khithani 07 May 2024


I cleared my DHA exam. I want to thank Dr. Munjal Sir, Pallavi, Dr. Meddi, Dr. Shikha, Dr. Aarti for all their knowledge and help in brushing up the concepts, teaching us how to understand the word twisting and to answer appropriately for that case scenario. I also want to thank all the doctors I met and spoke to on this journey and I am praying for all of us that we all send this message soon.

To answer questions: I did MCQ questions with their theory, and I brushed up on frequent MBBS topics from MTB as it is well explained there - the ones we always knew would come in the exam - definitely even if you read it once you must just have the working theory knowledge of that.

Read the questions slowly, I feel time is appropriate, most importantly after speaking to 3 people who gave the exam on this group the biggest thing I learnt was to be calm. It sounds so stupid but it really is the biggest thing. The more questions you do, the more manipulations and variations of each scenario you know to answer. If you feel hungry, I recommend to take a date or something in the exam to eat.

I used sir’s book and online prescription. And I brushed up theory topics which are just conventionally important. I also took sir’s video coaching initially to get me started and oriented, and the doctors mentioned above really refreshed my concepts for the future. Wishing all of you’ll best of luck! You’ll can do this, just take it one day at a time.

  • Serin Kuriakose 07 May 2024

Dear friends,
Happy to inform you all that I have cleared the Specialist Family Medicine ( DHA) exam.
Thank you everyone for your support.
Sir, Thank you for your valuable guidance ????????

  • Sanjida Tahsin 07 May 2024

Assalamu alaikum, I have appeared in the exam today. Alhamdulillah i passed. Thank you so much for the help, and all the last moment vital information i got from here.it really made a difference in my preparation.

  • Preethi Veeraraghavan 07 May 2024

Good evening everyone
Today I have given dha exam,
And I have passed .
Thank you Dr Munjal sir .i owe all of you thanks for your support, sir.
exam is not easy . It is very difficult to recall questions too. All questions were long scenarios . Only 5 questions repeat.
Prepare well before going
So please revise whatever you study

All the best to all.
Stay calm and take time to answer each question.

  • Dr. Elicin Deepak Pallekonda 30 Mar 2024

MCQ packages are good to access our knowledge on specific topic

  • Dr. Elicin Deepak Pallekonda 30 Mar 2024

Online coaching by Dr Munjal Pandya sir regarding Hematology and Oncology is extraordinary