• Dr. Gulsen Akyildiz 15 Jul 2024

With Mcq package I passed my exam in my first attempt. Thanks for the Correct source and endless support

  • Dr. Gracel Ann 15 Jul 2024

Hello everyone I cleared my DHA exam big thank to munjal sir his all team I m so grateful them
Special thanks to Pallavi

  • Dr. Namitha Shan 13 Jul 2024

I am Dr. Namitha, I cleared DHA exam in my first attempt..This app and groups were very helpful and i am really Greatful to the entire team @?Dr. MUNJAL PANDYA? and @?Pallavi? for all the guidance..I took the mcq subscription and worked out the entire set which has helped me a lot in creating an idea on how the model of the questions will be and i have even got some repeat questions too.. All the best to every doctors..

  • Eram Sayyed 03 Jul 2024

Hi Everyone,
I m Dr.Eram Sayyed!!
Delighted and happy to let you all know that thanks to Almighty I've cleared DHA for GP!!
I gave my first attempt in like 20 days random studies with no preparations,but thanks to @Dr. MUNJAL PANDYA Sir i was able to prepare well on my second attempt.Sir just don’t provide study material, he himself work on each and every student and tell them their weak and strong points.There were many days when I was depressed and about to give up but Sir guided me and motivated me to push myself.
Sir used to keep check on my mock test score board also whether I m improving or not,kudos to sir to be such great leader and mentor!
2nd i would like to thank Dr Meddi she is brilliant when it comes to explaining and resolving your doubts!
Thanks Pallavi , Dr shikha , Dr Aarti
@Shreya Kataria @~Rachana Soneji @Rana @Fathima Naushana Wp @Dr. Asmat "Danish"
Thank you to the group people who were actively involved and help everyone to understand and correct their doubts!
Thank you Dr.Munjal Pandya sir and his team Medicalmcq4all

  • Dr. Vikram reddy 02 Jul 2024

I am immensely grateful for the online subscription service that played a crucial role in helping me crack the OMSB exam in 1st attempt. The comprehensive study materials and practice tests provided were incredibly beneficial. A special thanks to Dr. Munjal Pandya for his invaluable guidance and expertise, which made complex topics easier to understand. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Pallavi for her constant support and encouragement throughout this journey. This collaborative effort was instrumental in my success.

  • MOHAMMED SHAREEF P M 02 Jul 2024

Good evening everyone.. I have cleared my OMSB exam yesterday.. I would like to thank the almighty, @Dr. MUNJAL PANDYA sir, @Support_Medicalmcq 4all mam, @Dr. Meddi mam, Dr. Aarti mam, @Shikha Garg mam and the entire team of Medicalmcq4all for all the guidance and support given to me throughout my preparation.. I completely recommend the Online coaching and the app subscription together which would really help in clearing the exam. Thank you everyone in the group too, though I wasn’t a very active member in discussions I would go through the mcqs discussed which has also helped in the process.. ????????

  • Dr Harsha Spencer 02 Jul 2024

Hi all,
Happy to say that i cleared my KMLE exam. My sincere thanks to the whole team lead by Dr Munjal, Pallavi n..
On this note i would like to say tht during my ups n lows i ws shouldered by my frds@?Ashwathy? @?Dr Sam? @Preethi Veeraraghavan, thankyou for bein ther fr me????
The discussions in the group have kept me updated n on track.
1n half mths f preparation solving 1000mcq book n solving individual subject mcqs is what i have done.
Thanks to all grp members for replyg to my queries promptly.
Thankyou all????
All the best????

  • Neethu Benny 02 Jul 2024

Hlo doctors
Dr Neethu benny here
I cleared DHA exam today. Thank you munjal sir for your support.. I failed ????HAAD twice, then I tried for DHA

  • Md Ala Uddin Patowary 02 Jul 2024

Hello everyone!

I'm Dr. Ala Uddin Patowary. I cleared my DHA. I am so grateful to this group, specially Dr. Munjal Pandya sir. This person helped me a lot. He will be in my prayers. I downloaded all the live mocks from youtube since I have job and practiced the hard copy of 1000 mcqs. Thanks to all the members for your logical discussion! You people are so kind.


  • vikram reddy 02 Jul 2024

Good morning all. I cleared OMSB exam in 1st attempt. Thanks to @Dr. MUNJAL PANDYA sir and @Support_Medicalmcq 4all. Maximum questions appeared from material. Once again thanks to the team.