• Dr.Aashi Nazar 19 Aug 2021

Hello friends,
Myself Dr. Aashi from Kerala, south India.
By the grace of God and the best-supporting team by Dr. Munjal Pandya, Dr. Arthi, Dr. Sana i cleared MOH.
When I started this journey I was in the midst of Fog, where there is very little clarity on what to do and where to start. Being a mother of small kids, it wasn't an easy journey as well and I also was facing rheumatoid arthritis flares in between too. Being an MRCGP holder I had a misunderstanding that the Prometric will be very simple. But one of the DOC from this group suggested me regarding Dr. Munjal's MCQ website and I got into it as a destiny... But I want to tell u all is, nothing is impossible with our sincere hard work and the right TRACK where we get from here. We all are so much blessed to be in this group because our vision and the aim is crystal cleared here with the excellent coach Dr. Munjal???? I have noticed he is one of the best teachers we all can ever have, he just doesn't put so much question banks and go away but still make sure each of his students following him is in the right track, well-motivated, mentally and psychologically perfect which is the most important part of this game. And his whole team including Dr. Aarti during the last day of the exam cleared all my doubts in spite of her busy schedule. And Dr. Sana I don't think anyone needs much description about her but still let me tell in a word, The backbone of our team has been immensely supporting me during these difficult times and some doctors whom I do not even know the name from this group really helped me and supported me. So, in short, we all are very much blessed to be here.. So my dear friends rejuvenate yourself, Rise and shine each day????once again i Thank God and the whole Dr. Munjal and his Team for the support, care and love.
Thank you,
Dr. Aashi Nazer (Kerala)

  • Dr Sikha 10 Aug 2021

Hello everyone,
I’m delighted that I have cleared the MOH exam on my first attempt. I thoroughly concentrated on Dr. Munjal sir’s Prometric MCQs, MTB2 and Group discussion. It helped me to get a clear idea of how to prepare, how to approach the stems and what to expect in the exam.I’m extremely greatful to Dr Munjal sir for his guidance and support, he was constantly encouraging and motivating me. I’m thankful to have him as my mentor. I’m also very thankful to Dr Sana for her guidance. I recommend Dr Munjal sir’s prometric mcq4all as surefire method to clear this exam. 85-90 % of my preparation resides completely on this mcq programme. Thank you sir.

Dr sikha(Kerala)

  • Dr. Sneha kurup 09 Aug 2021

Hello everyone! I am Dr. Sneha(UAE) and I cleared my MOH GP exam on the third attempt. I had been trying to clear the exam for few months on my own and it was very clear to me with my previous attempt that it would be difficult with just self-study. As a blessing to me I had come across this website and got to know about Dr. Munjal"s coaching classes and thought why not give it a try and am glad I took this decision. I cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. Munjal and Dr. Aarti. with the amount of effort and dedication they put on their students by being there constantly to guide us, it's no wonder that most of their students do well in their exams. wishing all of you the best of luck with your success.
Dr. Sneha kurup (Dubai)

  • Dr. Md. Monaiza Shakeel 02 Jul 2021

Hello myself dr.monaiza ..I am very glad to inform you that I had pass DHA ...the credit will totally go to dr. Munjal sir ..he had helped me with his inspiring talk ...thank you so so so much sir ..and one of the cornerstones for my success is MCQ4ALL @website www.medicalmcq4all.com ...it helped me a lot it has so many content mcq ...recent papers ...last min reviews ...mcq with explanation oh my god so many things..it will definitely help you ..and Prometric 1000 mcq book its also cover major topics almost all type of question ...I am very happy to share my feeling ....thank you and all the best to all of you . Strongly recommend all of peometrician to go for Website subscription/Book or Online coaching.Do contact Dr Munjal Pandya ,he will guide you the best.Regards.

  • Dr Nisma 29 Jun 2021

Alhamdulillah by the grace of god
I have cleared my DHA exam
I dont know how to express my gratitude to Dr Munjal Sir for all the support he gave me from his coaching and mental support. He was always there whenever I felt down . Thank you so much sir for the guidance and coaching. Without you, I wouldn't have made it.
Joining your Coaching was the turning point in my success. He is the best coach and gives you exactly exam-oriented points .
Thankyou Dr Aarti for her wonderful lectures in the coaching class. And helping with my doubts personally.
And then Ofcourse the Chief of this group Dr Sana , her dedication on this group is incredible and it helped me alot . Thankyou so much for your support Dr Sana . For clearing all the last minute queries.
And Thankyou all in this group for solving my queries and questions . This Group has been a very big part of my success and a few of you have become so close to my heart from this group and thank them for all the support. Thankyou for giving me alot of new friends too.

All i want the DHA exam going students to do is
Subscribe to Dr Munjal’s website and Coaching class . It will for sure pay off in your exam.
And be active in this group
Do MTB thoroughly
This is all you need to pass the exam.
If you need any help or guidance please do feel free to contact me.
I am ready to help anyone here.

Thank you once again Dr. Munjal,Dr. Sana and Dr. Aarti and all my friends
Dr.Nisma Bava(Dubai)

  • Dr. Eevlin Johny 24 Jun 2021

By the grace of God, I cleared the DHA exam. It was my 2nd attempt. previously I did my own studies, but not worked. Then I joined Dr.Munjal Pandya's online coaching & subscribed MCQ package. That was my best decision. Sir is an excellent teacher, a good mentor, guiding & inspiring me continuously. From my Experience,Dr.Munjal's online coaching and MCQs plus MTB step 2 are enough to get good score in exam.Review points , recall questions & question papers from website helped me alot.A big thanks to Dr.Aarti for the excellent concepts of OBG & Pediatric.. Thank you somuch sir..without your guidance,,I can't pass exam.So proud to be your student..
Best wishes to all.

  • Dr. Dr Asma Mujawar 17 Jun 2021

I cleared my DHA on the first attempt, it was all through Dr. Munjal's MCQs online subscriptions. I had subscribed to the website. Dr. Munjal gave me an idea of how I should approach the exam as I had very little time. It's really worth doing all the MCQs from the website, it helps in logical reasoning even if there is a deviation from the stem.
Thank u Dr. Munjal for a wonderful collection of MCQs for all gulf Prometric exams for GP doctors.
Keep it up sir good work. I recommend strongly to all aspirants of the Gulf Prometric exam to subscribe online subscription.

  • Dr. Winthidahnin Pandya 16 May 2021

Very useful. The best reference website for exam.

  • Dr. Winthidahnin Pandya 16 May 2021

I love it.
good points and clear concept.

  • Dr. Rohana Palliyaguruge 11 May 2021

I Dr. Rohana from srilanka, purchased GP mcq set for DHA and OMSB exams for a month. actually I did only practice paper sets and recall mcqs as mock test and only refer USMLE step 3 e book for the exam preparation. I must say around 40% similar mcqs appear in the exam and descriptions of these mcqs extremely helpful to workout on exam mcqs. I only took two weeks to prepare for the exam . I did both DHA and OMSB in same day and got through the both. I also watch Dr. Munjal Pandya sir"s tutorials and you tube videos relevant to GP exam and those are also highly helpful to my success. I highly recommended, Medicalmcq4all is the best practice mcq collection to prepare prometric exams in gulf countries.