• DR BENASIR 24 Jun 2023

Hi everyone,
I cleared my DHA exam today, Alhamdulillah's.
A huge huge THANKS to Dr. Munjal sir for coaching site and classes. Words are not enough to Thank Dr. Meddi , Dr. Aarti, Dr. Afreen. all your classes were wow. Apart from passing the exam I learnt so many things from all these mentors. Knowledge is priceless. Medical mcq 4 all was very helpful in understanding and practicing the exam .
I gave my exam last June 1st attempt and second attempt yesterday , I feel the pattern and way of questioning have changed a lot . Myself and Dr. Munjal sir will discuss the new pattern with you all shortly so that you all will be aware of it .
Thank you so much every 1, this group means a lot lot to me . Though I dint interact much in the group, but I learnt a lot from this group.
Thank you so much.....
Thank you, Ms. Pallavi and Mr. Sagar, for your support.

  • Dr. Irene Emmanuel 20 Jun 2023

Coming across Dr Munjal and medicalmcq4all was my greatest secrets of passing DHA. I graduated from medical university 2015 and stayed home for about 4 years without practicing. Practically, I had kind of forgotten everything,
Again, being a mother with 4 children, passing a board exam just sounded impossible for me. But when a friend introduces me to Dr. Munjal, He advised me to join the coaching class, which I did, I took the *Sure shot package*, lectures were simplified to thumb tip plus expert guardian, this reestablish my confidence and gave me a strong MBBS base again.
I strongly recommend every prometric Aspirant to join online coaching and get Excellent Prometric 1000 MCQ book from the beginning of Preparations.
Best luck to all.
Dr. Irene Emmanuel

  • Dr. Sumi kv 20 Jun 2023

very helpful for prometric exam

  • Dr. Mohammed Akbar 16 Jun 2023

First of all thanks to Dr.Munjal Pandya sir and his team...I could clear OMSB theory exam with 1 month preparation of MCQ package subscription.... MCQs are excellent in both quantity and quality...there are more than 6000 MCQs, mock exams... Explanations are awesome and from standard authentic references.
I strongly recommend for those who wants to clear theory in first attempt, go for Online subscription and Online coaching.
Don't miss get prometric 1000 MCQ book.
Best Luck to all
Dr Akbar

  • Dr. Dr Midhula Sivan 08 Apr 2023

With the grace of Almighty I have passed my OMSB Exam,
All thanks to Dr.Munjal Pandya for his support , guidance , positive and friendly attitude at all spheres in preparation,
Had only 20 days to prepare for the exam and sir has been a constant guiding light,
The 1000 mcqs book did play a pivotal role in preparations , the detailed explanations to the questions are worth repeated readings,
This wouldnt have been possible without you Sir.
Thank you

  • DR MANASVI GULERIA 17 Mar 2023

I am happy to say that I cleared my DHA exam in first attempt
Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to @Dr. MUNJAL PANDYA Coach and Dr Meghna for the support they have given me during this process.
I have thoroughly done the questions from the website and made notes of the explanations given on it .
It’s very important to do a conceptual study and understanding the gist of the question
Once again thank you Dr Munjal you are an excellent coach, mentor and the amount of thought and efforts you put are quite apparent . Thank you for going above and beyond for your student sir.

  • Dr. Rajesh Goonasekara 30 Jan 2023

I passed my DHA exam in the first attempt thanks to Dr Munjal Pandya. I prepared for 3 months with daily mcqs off this website and learnt around the questions. This site is definitely a great source of questions for the mentioned exams.Thankyou Medicalmcq4all.
I must recommend all Gulf prometric aspirant to use best affordable and reliable resources created by Dr Munjal Pandya and Team
Best Luck to all

  • Dr. Apsari Banu 08 Nov 2022

Dear Friends,

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of almighty Allah I have successfully cleared my Prometric – QCHP examination in the very first attempt. With this success I would like to thank Dr. Munjal Pandya Sir for his continuous support and guidance. Sir, it is your vision that has transformed many of our lives and kept our hopes alive. We will always remain very grateful to you.
The journey started from a suggestion offered to me by one of my friend and I then looked into the website. The Package/Amount which went into the course was very affordable and worth it. Going ahead I took a 3 months subscription. I found myself very convinced with the all the content and the course seemed to be very informative.
What I found very unique is every module had the detailed explanation for the asked questions. This would help in understanding every single concept crisp and clear. I had the opportunity to realize what the topic was and reason it by every means.
Words fall short to appreciate Dr. Munjal Pandya and his entire team. This success is truly worth celebrating. May the Almighty provide you more health and indeed keep doing the great work you are doing Sir.

  • Dr.Suresh Vasan South Africa 14 Aug 2022

Dear Dr Munjal Pandya and fellow team professionals. Namaste.
I'm happy to announce passing the DHA exam yesterday.
Thank you for your professionalism, your inspiration, motivation and support during preparations for the exam.
I shall try to share as much recall questions as possible.
Warm regards,
Dr Suresh Vassen,
Cape Town,South Africa and Abu Dhabi,UAE.

  • Dr.Haireene Qatar 14 Aug 2022

Good Evening!
By God’s grace I have passed the QCHP exam on 3rd attempt which held today .

When I started to prepare for QCHP i was not aware about any courses, so i self studied for the 1st time where i was not able to reach the pass mark.I scored only 48% on march 2022.

I was so depressed and worried during that period . But I never gave up , somehow I managed to find a mcq group on fb (MEDICAL MCQS FOR ALL EXAMS-DR MUNJAL) ,which i followed for first few weeks later i joined sir’s one month course.

The questions patterns, Time management and Revision molded up me. Gave a confidence to reappear it.

I joined sir’s crash course conducted on july for a quick revision as well. It was very helpful for a person like me to brush up all the missed points.

After 3 months i reappeared, But it was not my day again, i scored only 54% on my second attempt.

Anyway i gained more knowledge and improved alot which gave me confidence.
So I managed to find out my errors ,and decided to re do again in next couple of weeks.

The Last few weeks were really hectic for me.I practiced alot of mcqs, revised over and over again.

This time i was so determined and focused on my success. With lots of positive vibes and prayers i appeared today for the 3rd attempt.

It was my day finally i passed my exam with 63%.

With eyesful of tears the happiness which i felt was inexpressible.

I am always Greatful to God almighty, My mother, My Husband and My in-laws.

Thanks to Dr. Munjal sir for his continuous guidance.

Even after completing the course he was following up with me on daily basis.
I am so grateful for the mental support u gave me for past couple of months sir.

Without sir's support and advice it could have been very much difficult for me to pass this exam.

Sir thank you so much for all the help you did for me????.
Dr.Haireene- Qatar