• DR VISHNU 21 Apr 2022

With the grace of almighty I passed my DHA exam!!
Big thanks to munjal sir and team . He was a guiding star right from the start with his positive and friendly attitude. The extensive research done in his book and website were so helpful to cross this hurdle.
Wishing success to all the candidates

  • Dr. Inga 21 Apr 2022

Hello all my dear group mates and friends! I don’t have enough words to express my gratefulness to Dr. Munjal and all our Professors from Coaching group. Many thanks to Dr. Munjal, this Coaching Platform is too much helpful for DHA exam preparation. This time I feel confident and could remember all concepts from our lectures . And thank you all for your support and all good wishes .
I strongly recommend for Online coaching for all students who are going for Prometric exams, its worth.
Sure shot package is amazing. and continuous guidance, mock test and problem solving is appreciable.
all specialist coach are excellent in coaching and guiding. Dr. Munjal Pandya is great mentor, must talk to him for your exam preparation and planning.
Best wishes to all.
Dr. Inga

  • DR NAZRIN 21 Apr 2022

Dear Dr. Munjal Sir and Team,

With Almighty’s grace I passed MOH UAE exam
Thankyou So Much Sir for providing all the study materials and proper guidance. Thankyou to all the members in the group who had posted doubts by that could learn a lot. Special Thanks to Dr Shabnam ma’m.
medicalmcq4all website is the great source of preparation and cracking exam even in short period of time.
i strongly recommend all to go for website subscription, book and online coaching to crack exam easily.
Thankyou so much to all.
All the very best Doctors.

With Respect
Dr Nazrin N

  • Dr. Mahdieh mahmoudi 06 Mar 2022

When I called Dr Munjal Pandya, I was at a really dark stage. I was close to my Viva exam date and I was so confused. Dr Pandya coached me with excellent materials and tailored questions for the Viva exam. Taking this course made a huge difference in my perspectives about the interview and boosted my confidence. I cracked the Viva at first attempt and a huge credit goes to Dr Pandya. Don't hesitate to take this course.
best Luck to all.
Dr. Mahdieh mahmoudi(IRAN)

  • Dr.Desmon 23 Jan 2022

I am Dr.Desmon from Sri Lanka. At the moment I am working in the Pediatric Cardiothoracic Anesthesia and Intensive Care unit.
I enrolled this course for about 1 month duration then I completed recalls and Prometric 1000 mcqs before going to the exam,
I think if you can study those mcqs from Dr.Munjal pandya, there is nothing to worry about and the mcqs in the exam is way too easier. This is the best mcq site for all your thirsty minds. Good luck everyone.

  • DR KRISHNA 23 Jan 2022

Hi. Myself Dr. Krishnanunny from Kerala, cleared MOH exam.

Previously I had no idea about the pattern, syllabus of the exam. One of my friend recommended Munjal pandya website. Then I took guidance from Dr. Munjal pandya and subscribed 1 month package of mcqs.

Dedicated 1 month preparing. Solved questions only from the website & read some topics from MTB Step 2 . MCQ discussions in Whatsapp group was very effective in revision.

Thankyou so much Dr. Munjal Pandya & Team.

  • DR SUBIKA 09 Jan 2022

Alhamdulillah's I cleared my QCHP exam (MOPH of QATAR-GP) on 4ht January 2022 in FIRST ATTEMPT. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Munjal’s guidance and patience in dealing with my constant inquiries and helping me through the process.
The exam was 100 ?sed on CONCEPTS THAT DR. MUNJAL TESTS ON HIS WEBSITE.https://www.medicalmcq4all.com/. Difficulty level of exam is same as Dr. Munjal's questions, and thank you Dr. Sana for her explanations to my queries.

The website is more useful than MTB itself and its enough to study and easily pass exam in FIRST ATTEMPT. I studied for 2.5 months in total, 2 blocks per day and then i was scoring 51 percent in MOCK tests in first 6 weeks, I decided to study for another 4 weeks and took the leap of faith. I registered for my exam 2 months in advance, did Prometric 1000 and Recalls and Gynae and Peds in the end, I scored 69 percent on real exam (103 out of 150 questions). Exam was 47 question of medicine,37 gynae, 36 Peds and 30 surgery. Prometric 1000 I found most useful apart from gynecology

The exam is doable and Dr. Munjal really helps in clearing EXACT same concepts they ask on exam day. I am very thankful and now requesting Dr. Munjal for helping me find a job. He is an institution and he is changing student lives. So thankful !!
Dr.Subika (Pakistan)

  • Dr. SUBIKA KHATOON 08 Jan 2022

Alhamdulillah I cleared my QCHP EXAM IN FIRST ATTEMPT ON 4TH JANUARY 2022. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Munjal's guidance and patience in dealing with my constant inquiries through the process.

The exam was 100 percent based on concepts tested by Dr. Munjal's website and difficulty level of the exam is same as Dr. Munjal's questions. Thank you Dr. Sana for your explanations to my queries.

The website is more USELFUL for the exam than reading MTB itself and is enough to study and easily pass in first attempt. I studied for 2.5 months in total and was scoring 51 percent after 6 weeks into it, I decided to study for another 4 weeks and took the leap of faith. I scored 69 percent on the real exam. I registered for my exam 2 months in advance and did 2 blocks per day with explanations and discussions with my study partner. In the last 10 days i did Prometric 1000 and recalls, gynae Peds and surgery. Exam has 150 questions and I scored 103 out of it. Medicine 47 questions, Peds 36, surgery 30 and gynae 37. Prometric 1000 and Gynae subjects were most useful for me.

The exam is VERY DOABLE and DR. Munjal's explanations really help in clearing the concepts on the exam day. I am very thankful and now requesting Dr. Munjal for helping me find a job haha. He is an institution and is changing student lives. So freaking GRATEFUL FOR A MENTOR LIKE HIM.


Dear Friends yesterday i passed the DHA exam so easy and finished my exam with 35 extra minutes whole respect and best regards to @Dr.MUNJAL PANDYA i actually registered in medicalmcq4all.com 12th of November and yesterday just feel myself in my room and making mock exam on this site instead of Prometric office , so guys don't worry you are in a right platform just try to understand questions NOT memories them !!! stick on directories (Recall MCQs , Practice paper , Prometric 1000,Legal and ethics FROM www.medicalmcq4all.com) more BELIVE me around 70% of Questions will be exactly the same and 20% with same purpose of site so to pass with minimum 60 in DHA @Dr.MUNJAL PANDYA website is more than enough , again Best Regards to @Dr.MUNJAL PANDYA and wish the best and success for all of you.i strongly recommend all to subscribe online mcq package which contains many excellent features like practice papers, past papers, recalls and many review points. Best is Dr Munjal pandya sir's personalized counseling and guidance.

  • DR NISHATH AFRIN 24 Dec 2021

Hello,Iam Dr.Nishat Afreen MBBS 2015 pass out Being a Working mother it was very difficult for me to get details of DHA... how to start & proceed further then i googled and search on YouTube for different lecture, i found Dr.Munjal sir video lectures genuine....Then i spoke to him sir being so busy lift my call guided me everything he send me a 1000mcq book i.e Munjal sir's1000mcq book 4all, later on i subscribed his 1month short course online mcq solving with key points and explanation...i got to know my mistakes where i was going wrong while only reading book i did 2 revisions with subscription mcq...i fail in 1st attempt because everyone said its easy than NEET PG entrance of India, i thought i can pass only by reading once but it proved me wrong in 15days i did 2 revisions and gave my 2nd attempt with help of Dr.sana mam who is main member behind my success as she solved all my query and discussed MCQ quick review late night 3am also???? and Dr.meghna mam who is looking after all my data flow and DHA eligibility letter... Thank you Munjal sir and team for helping in my tough times????