• Dr Dipak Kumar sahu 01 Apr 2019

Thank you Dr.Munjal for your guidance and support.I cleared OMSB exam (71% mark) in my first attempt.I had only 15-20days left for my exam preparation.I went through your MCQ book with a target of 100MCQs per day.The book is very helpful for the preparation.Thank you for this nice book.

  • Shausheen Islam 11 Feb 2019

I was not cleared my Oman viva twice,I heard of Dr Munjal Pandya ,seen online videos and contacted him for Oman Viva,as it was my last chance (3rd ) attempt,i was scared,i Calledd Dr Munjal Pandya and he guided me so well that my confidence regained,I started personal Online coaching for Oman viva and he teached me so well with his vast clinical experience ,results of it that I cleared my exam,me and my family so happy to see the result.
Dr Munjal really coach you how to answer,what too and what mot to answer with pharmacology drug dosage in a real practical scinarios/case base study.
I confidently and strongly Recommend dr Munjal Pandya for Oman viva coaching and all prometric exam preparations by his Book and website.Thanks sir for helping and making live dreams of mny doctors across the globe,God bless you.

  • Parvathy Anilkumar 28 Jan 2019

Hi All.... I cleared my OMSB prometric exam .Dr.Munjal’s guidance had helped me a lot,his website and the 1000 Mcqs from where almost 60-80 % questions were.He is an expert in guiding you in prometric with such a good positive spirit and vibe. I strongly and am extremely happy to recommend him and his website “medicalmcq4all” for getting success in your prometric!!And my personal experience is that you should also cover MTB 3 / CK 2 very well....

  • Dr Diana Banu 16 Jan 2019

I am extremely thankful for this website Dr.Munjal is such a blessing to many.I was puzzled with what to start with while preparing for the exams but this was so helpful moreover sir is such a.humble person that he takes time to clear all doubts.Anyone preparing for prometric I would completely suggest this site and the mcq book.

  • Maj (Dr) Shravan Singla 08 Jan 2019

Dear Dr Munjal, I thought of giving DHA exam just 4 months back with absolutley having no idea about the method of prepration and what books to follow.I got frustrated when suddenly one day I saw a you tube video in which you recommended MTB STEP 2 and your 1000 mcq book for prepration of Gulf exams.I followed your advise and read these two books very religiously with a result that I cleared DHA EXAM in just 3 months in very first attempt.I want to THANK YOU for all your guidance and effort in creating such a wonderful book. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND your book with MTB 2 for DHA and other exams.Thanks

  • Dr Farooq Abdulla 30 Dec 2018

if u want to clear any prometric exam,this website and book of prometric 1000 mcqs is must which is most easiest,fastest,cheapest and time saving ways,nothing shortcut than thisit helped me a lot,so i strongly recommend for website and Book.best luck to all - Dr.farooq

  • Dr Sowmya 06 Dec 2018

Hello everyone i was clueless when i started my HAAD Exams preparation.I contacted Dr. Munjal. He not only gave me lot of motivation, but he detailed me about exams as well.I subscribed, his website and Purchased Prometric 1000 mcq book ,its huge collection of questions.It nade me study in depth, with his guidance and materials i could clear HAAD in my first attempt. Thank u very much sir. - Dr. Sowmya

  • Jotimala 22 Nov 2018

First thanks al ot dr munjal pandya.. this website helped me a lot. Mcqs are précised. Concept cleared from this website.. i read this website and cleared exam.. thanks a lot for your support and guidance..

  • Maryam 06 Nov 2018

Perfect perfect perfect. I just can say that one hour of Dr Munjal worth more than all my study for years. I have very limited time until my exam and am going to study hard now as I promised Dr Munjal but I will write more after my test. I can just say he was like a miracle at this time for me.

  • Dr Nadia 02 Nov 2018

i purchased medical mcq4 all Book and subscribed website of 5000 quality mcqs .it very detailed. Like the way it has practice mode,Mock test mode, search engine on website, favourite mcqs to review later on before exams myself assessment etc.. Are unique feature of website for all Prometric exam preparations.Thanks for helping doctors take these tests for gulf regions where there is no study material and no guidance and everyone is struggling what and where to study from .Hats off to Dr Munjal Pandya sir who is doing excellent work and helping humanity in many ways.