• Dr. Rohilla Qadri 03 Jan 2021

Alhamdullilah passed my DHA in October 2020.
Had subscribed to Dr Munjal’s website and would recommend for everyone going for the Gulf exams.
After studying the MTB, the MCQS on this website helped me not only in revising my basic concepts but also cleared the concepts that were previously very confusing and difficult to remember. The website has MCQS according to various systems and has explanations for most of the questions. Attempting the Mock test really helped me in gaining confidence while doing any MCQS .
The most important and helpful thing while attempting the MCQS and preparing for the exam was that DR Munjal was always present to clear any of the doubts or queries.
The MCQS are continuously being upgraded keeping our knowledge up to date.
Thanks a lot Dr Munjal for helping me.
Wishing you all the best.
Dr. Rohilla

  • Dr. Suzee Abdelrahman 20 Jul 2020

Alhamdulillah I have recently passed my DHA Exam for General Practice. I highly encourage everyone to subscribe to Dr. Munjals MCQ packages as well as having online coaching to discuss hi-yield topics. It made a huge impact in my learning and in my success in the exam. It is not enough just to study the books, it is highly important to gain confidence and proper technique in handling questions and scenarios. Not only will it help in one exam, but ultimately in the exams a physician will face on a daily basis. I rate Prometric MCQ of Dr. Munjal 5 out of 5 stars

  • Dr. Syeda Tahreem 16 Jul 2020

dI cleared my DHA exam recently, since it was my first attempt .. I was very nervous .. but by GOD s grace and Dr Munjal sir's guidance .. I could clear my exam .. The website is very good and answers can be totally trusted . Apart from website , I also studied CK MB 2 for theory , past question papers ... it helped me immensely . I would recommend this website to anyone giving DHA, HAAD or MOH as the pattern of questions is very similar and we learn to analyse and answer the questions within time frame v well especially while doing practise papers . Thank u sir for your constant encouragement and guidance .

  • Dr. Dr Nasir Hyaat 14 Jul 2020

Dr munjal pandya is wonderful many years well experienced Doctor ,the style of his teaching for viva exam oman etc.. is unique ,concept clearing style ,teaches wants needed for viva exam ,answers any and all Quires you want,best clinical reasoning methods teaching to make best physician not only for exam clearing but also in practical life.GOD BLESS YOU DOCTOR SAHAB .

  • Dr. Naazia Abdul Gaffoor 09 Jul 2020

I had failed my first attempt and was very depressed. I randomly found this website over Google and decided to subscribe to it. Spoke to Dr.Munjal Sir and he guided me very well to follow questions and related theory and not to read only theory. I initially purchased the book and it was very helpful in taking me in the right direction. And then, I subscribed for two months and went through all the questions in the website and parallelly studied theory from MTB Step 2-CK MB. The questions on the website helped me concentrate on certain topics rather than just reading theory. I also went through the mock tests and quick review points. This website helped me a lot to pass my DHA - GP exam today. I would recommend this to everyone planning to write any exam as it brings a study discipline and allows to focus on key points. I can’t thank sir and the website enough.

  • Dr. Jenisha Varghese 30 Jun 2020

I'm (Dr.jenisha)successfully cleared my DHA gp exam today..This is my first attempt. when I was preparing DHA exam 4month back I don't have any idea about that.Dr.munjal Pandya's website www.medicalmcq4all.com
question helped me alot and give basic knowledge, confidence ,time management to clear this exam on my first attempt itself.scenario based questions are very useful for me to gain knowledge.very special thanks to Dr.Munjal sir for your wonderful guidance.He is Great Mentor and tutor too.Must Use this website/Book and Online coaching modules.

  • Dr. Anuja Baskaran 19 Feb 2020

By gods grace and from the help of Dr. Munjal Pandya I was able to pass my DHA exam. When I started studying I had no idea how to move forward with studying. Dr. Munjal helped so much. He was very patient and told us exactly what we needed. I strongly recommend that you subscribe to his question bank and Read MTB 2. I only had 6 weeks before my exam and luckily I came across Dr. Munjal’s website and contacted him. He was very helpful in every aspect. He puts in so much effort and time from his busy schedule to help us all. Thank you so much for everything!! Please do subscribe to his MCQs you will never ever regret it!! Good luck to everyone!!

  • Dr. Muhammad UL Huda 11 Feb 2020

with the blessings of Almighty I have passed my DHA exam in GP practice
so confused before exam but when I joined online mcqs by Dr Munjal Panday things became easy.nice easy to understand material and affordable.Really thankful to Dr Manjal Pandya for making medicine so easy and will highly recommend this course for everyone applying for this exam

  • Dr.Sabana Aziz 09 Feb 2020

Its a incomplete preparation without the Book and website of dr Munjal Pandya.
its very Precise ,well explained and many Pictures and chart to clear the concept of subjects.
quick review points and search engine is additional awesome features on top of this.
my favourite Mcqs is again excellent concept on website to revie tricky Mcqs at last moment before going for exams.

Mock test will gives you idea about your real preparation before going to exam by knowing your score before exam after solving mock test. there are wonderful explanations and many references makes this website unique.
I strongly recommend Prometric 1000 Mcqs book, website subscription and online coaching from Dr .Munjal Pandya to succeed in short period of time. The best part is after subscription Dr. Munjal guides throughout till you clear your exam, that is never I seen that doctor personally guide you to crack the exam. He is excellent mentor so far I came across in my practice, so thanks Dr. Munjal Pandya for all your hardwork,guidance and help for all foreign going exam especially all Prometric exams. Keep up and provide us best of the best so fear of exam is gone away from doctors mind.

  • Dr. Mirash Razack 31 Jan 2020

I am happy to have opted for Dr Mujal’s MCQ subscription. With only 15 days of study I could pass Oman Prometric GP with 70% marks.Apart from that his guidance and whatsapp group was very essential part of my short but strong preparation.Its a must for your preparation.I wish I had known about his book/online question bank earlier.Thank you so much sir.You are the best!!