Personalized Coaching By
Dr. Munjal Pandya

What is Personalized onlineCoaching?

It is personalized online coaching in group or one to one coaching via our website software prepared by
Time: Every day 1 Hour
Date: 5 Days a week (Friday and Sunday off)

What does it cover?

The Dr. Munjal Pandya will solve clinical doubts, provide guidance and discuss important MCQs,recalls Mcqs related to Exams.

Who benefited most by personal coaching?

  • Those who have no clinical experience in last few months to years.
  • Those who are working / practicing / doing job and has little or no time to study.
  • Those who are diploma in pediatric, diploma Obstetric and gynecology, diploma orthopedic etc. but applying as a General Practitioner or Family Physician.
  • Those who have third attempt or last attempt of DHA, HAAD, MOH, OMAN Viva, OMSB, SMLE, QCHP or Other Prometric exam.
  • Every one gets benefited of Dr. Munjal Pandya's 20 Years clinical experience with strong academic and mentoring thousand of students for all Prometric Exams.

Who can Join?

Any Doctors who are preparing for a Family physician exam or General physician exam across the world can join.

Coaching Fee

  1. 20 Hours 300 USD
  2. 40 Hours 600 USD
  3. 60 Hours 900 USD

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